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General Questions

It mean they can serve you 7 days in a week and 24 hours in web page should have 100% uptime.

Online advertising is a way of advertising like journal and magazine advertising that can promote your business and get you more customer.Most of the people are spending their time by using internet.So to be regonize by them, it become a most effective way to advertise.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a service that make your website to be listed in a specified search result page of a search engine.It can take 6 month to reach your website on a specified page but it can give many advantages to your business.

Content management system (CMS) is control panel from which an admin user can create, update, delete or search the contents informations.

It is a computer language used by programmer or developer to create a web page and applications.It include complex logic and concept that it is difficult to understand for normal user. Most popular programming languages are Java, C#, PHP, Python, Ruby and so on. Java and C# is choose for more security need and large application. Php is cost effective and very fast to develop.So Php is widely used for many personal and business websites.

Hosting is a space where your website content page will store and the visitor will access this to see your web page.If this server is assumed as landlord, you are renting a space form his house. Most of the service package will come with disk space as 500MB,1GB,2GB,3GB and so on.You can choose and buy a package according to your need and you can upgrade your plan later.

Other Questions

It is also a important fact for your website.To become browser compatable, developer or designer should have some year of skillful experience. All browser don’t follow a standard and they have their own standard in some case. So designer need to know all standard of browser and create a website with all standards.if not, your webpage will display differently in each browser.

Bandwidth is effected by total visit counts of your web page viewer. Definitely it is total sum of web page’s size that your visitor load and see within one month.You should choose the bandwidth enough for your website’s traffice.

Let assume a website as your home then your home address is your domain.You will not reach a home without it’s address.So you need at least a domain for a website. You cannot choose a domain that other people registerd and need to choose other similar one available. For example, is already bought by google and you cannot buy it. So you should buy a domain in advance before other people get it.

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